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Mercedes Sprinter Parts and Custom Conversions

At Absolute Styling, bespoke design is at the heart of each luxury custom Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van Conversion we manufacture. To ensure we design, customize, and build your dream luxury van with aesthetics and functionality intertwined, we take pride in offering a wide array of Sprinter parts available for you to choose from. All of these van parts and accessories equally match the quality and standards of your luxurious Mercedes Sprinter Van for a unique and special ride that truly fits your taste and lifestyle.

We can purposefully design uniquely tailored vans based on your exact needs and specifications through our expertise in sprinter 4×4 conversion and sprinter van camper conversion, coupled with state-of-the-art technology and tools like a Mercedes configurator. Our skilled and highly experienced team will go over and beyond to manufacture your custom van for unparalleled results that will exceed your expectations.

Why trust your sprinter conversion van to anyone else?

Allow our highly experienced and skilled customization team to innovate and craft your Mercedes sprinter luxury van with our exclusive lineup of Sprinter Parts. Whether it’s for a customized van, mobile office, medical mobile van, limousine, luxury shuttle, or RV camper van, we’re sure to have something that suits your needs and wants! Impress clients, improve the flexibility of your business, and add more luxury to your transportation to elevate your travel experience with utmost comfort and absolute style.

Customized Pieces Include (but not limited to):

  • Mercedes Sprinter Window Panels
  • Mercedes Sprinter Custom Window Blinds
  • Mercedes Sprinter Side Steps
  • Mercedes Sprinter Removable Seats
  • Mercedes Sprinter Seats
  • Mercedes Sprinter Interior Panels


Browse our inventory of  Sprinter customization parts and other van accessories. Looking for a specific van part but didn’t see it here?

We might have it on hand or we can source it for you! Give us a call at Tel: 604-313-9307 /Toll-Free: 1-877-546-6604, or send us an email at, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Sprinter Parts for Sale

Custom Parts

Mercedes Sprinter Parts

Window Panels

Colors Available

 Sprinter Window Panels for sprinter van conversions are available for sale.

Custom Window

  • $499/each
  • Blinds Manual

Luxury  Custom Window Blinds for van conversions available for sale

Passenger Seats

Mercedes Sprinter Parts

4 Passenger Bench

  • $899

OEM 4-passenger Sprinter Seats for custom van conversion available for sale

Mercedes Sprinter Parts

3 Passenger Bench

  • $699/each
  • Brand New

OEM 3-passenger  Sprinter Seats for sprinter van conversions available for sale

Mercedes Sprinter Parts

3 Passenger Sofa

  • $4500
  • Fold Down Manual

Comfy 3-passenger Sofa for sprinter 4×4 van conversions of all kinds available for sale

Mercedes Sprinter Parts

Benz Style Seats

  • $4999 each

Ultra-luxurious and reclining  Sprinter Removable Seats available for sprinter van conversions

Mercedes Sprinter Parts

Bentley Style Seats

Bentley Style Seats

  • $999 each
  • 3 point seat belts
  • Colors available

High quality and comfortable Bentley Sprinter Seats available for sprinter luxury van conversions

Other Parts

Sprinter Side Steps

  • $1900/pair

Mercedes Sprinter Side Steps for custom sprinter van conversions available for sale

Mercedes Sprinter Parts

Sprinter Lower Upholstered Panels

  • $599 each
  • Custom Colors Available

Sprinter Lower Upholstered Panels or Mercedes Sprinter Interior Panels for van conversion available for sale

Illuminated Entry Handle

  • $499

Illuminated Entry door handle for sprinter van conversions for sale

Illuminated Cup Holders

  • $49

Illuminated Cup Holders available for sprinter van conversions of all kinds available for sale

RV Cooler

  • $2500
  • 12V

12V RV Cooler available for sale for van conversions

12V Sprinter AC

12V OR 24V Air Conditioning

  • 12V OR 24V

12V and 24V RV AC available for sale for van conversions.

Sprinter Roof Rack

Sprinter Roof Rack

  • 4500 Canadian Dollars

Sprinter Roof Rack for 144, 170, or 170 Extended Wheel Base Available

Solar Panels

Sprinter Solar Panels

  • $299 each
  • 100 W

100 Watts Sollar Panels

Sprinter Cabinets

12V OR 24V Air Conditioning

  • Sprinter Cabinets $750
  • Custom Cabinets are fully finished and ready to be installed

available for sale for van conversions.



Mercedes Sprinter Parts

12.8 V

  • $1,495 each
  • 12.8 V

Lynx Distributor

  • 1000 DC
  • $ 295

Digital Multi Control

  • $ 205

Battery Monitor

  • $ 260
Mercedes Sprinter Parts

DC/DC Charger

  • Orion-Tr Smart
  • Non isolated DC/DC Charger
  • $ 299
Victron Solar Charger Controller

Charge Controller

  • $ 299
  • Blue Solar Charge Controller

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