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ASk us about our Custom Van Conversions JetVan 7

Absolute Styling a Van conversion company in Canada aims to provide a perfect blend of luxury, functionality, convenience, and technology in every Custom van conversions designed and built Sprinter Van RV Conversions for on-the-go individuals who seek to experience more out of life.


Exceptional Craftsmanship and Custom Van Conversions Experience

Taking pride and leveraging in our company’s exceptional craftsmanship and years of experience in luxury automotive interiors the sprinter Custom vans conversions allows us to design and build vehicles for both work and play.

We go above and beyond in meeting the expectations of elite customers all over the world – catering to their preferences and lifestyle in fabricating the luxury van of their dreams for an elevated travel experience on the road.

Master Upfitter

As part of the Mercedes-Benz Master Upfitter Program, we, at Absolute Styling ensure each of our luxury Custom Van Conversions adheres to the highest standard of safety and reliability.

Custom Van Conversions

Custom Van Conversions Process

1. The first step is for us to understand your Custom Van Conversions needs, wants, and must-haves.

2. We will follow up with a floor plan, design options, colors, finishes, options, additions, and suggestions according to your needs.

3. Set a date for the beginning of your conversion and a delivery date of completion.

4. The manufacturing time is anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks depending on your needs.

5. We Ship across Canada and around the world

6. If you don’t have a Sprinter to Convert we will have one for you.




Sprinter Van Conversions

Custom Van Conversions Type

4x4 camper van conversions

Camper Van Conversion

As a BC upfitters, we purposefully design uniquely tailored vans based on a variety of needs and specifications that cater to the most discerning of taste.

From Solar Panels, Roof Racks, Roof Lights, Porch Lights, Lithium Batteries, RV 12V Fridge, Induction Cooktop,  RV Sink, Shower Enclosures, RV Vented Windows, 12 and 24V Roof Air Conditioning, Webasto Diesel Heater, Roof Air Vents, Victron Power, Shore Power, Solar Chargers and Battery Chargers we have everything you can think of for your build.

Van Conversions Metris

Custom Mercedes Benz Metris

Discover a meticulously crafted van built for absolute luxury and comfort when you step inside one of our custom Mercedes Benz Metris.

Metris is a new name in luxury customized vans in North America but well established in Luxury transportation in Europe and Asia. From Custom Seating, with heated Seats, Massage Seats, Power leg Rests, and Conference seating.

Custom Van Conversions Medical Mobile

Medical Mobile Vans

Absolute Styling is a leader in Medical Mobile solutions for your business. Covid 19 customized vans, Mobile Blood Collection Vans, Mobile Dental Office, Mobile Hearing Aid, Wheelchair Accessible Vans we do it all.

Some of the options include, X-Ray machines, Sound Booth, Centrifuge Machine, Fridge Freezers, Shore Power, Led Lighting, Lithium power Solutions, Safety floors, and Antibacterial surfaces.

Customization options allow you to transform the elegant Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van into a Mobile Medical Solution for your practice.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter JetVan 9

Sprinter JetVan 9 Conversion

Sprinter JetVan up to 9 Passengers in the rear plus driver and passenger designed uniquely tailored van based on a variety of needs and specifications that cater to the most discerning of taste imaginable.

Build on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 with 4×4 option 170 Extended Wheel Base. From Smart TVs, Sound systems, safety floors, Illuminated entry steps.

Power Door, Power steps, Privacy window, between driver and passengers, Powerd Seats, Heated Seats, Massage, Cooling Seats, Powered Led Rest, Illuminated Cup Holders, Window Blinds, Insulation, Led lighting, Reading lights, Fridge, Expresso Machine, Playstation game Console.

Custom Van Conversions JetVan 7

Sprinter JetVan 7

Discover a meticulously crafted van built for absolute luxury and comfort when you step inside one of our custom Sprinter Travel JetVan

Build on Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500 170 Wheel Base. Seats 7 in the rear, Driver and Passenger. In the rear, you have 4 big Comfortable Captain Seats, with Power Leg Rest, Heat and Massage, Conference Seating for a quick meeting on the go. Powered Heated Sofa bed allows you to turn it into a bed with a push of a button.

USB Ports for every seating position, 110V Plugs for your laptop, folding tables, HDMI ports, Mobile Internet, Cooler Fridge, Smart Samsung TVs, JL Audio Sound System, Storage Compartment, Led lighting, Suede headliners, Soft-touch leather upholstery. The Safety Floors, insulation Package, FatMat Sound deadening.

Sprinter JetVan 12

Sprinter JetVan 12

Customization options allow you to transform the elegant Mercedes-Benz Sprinter JetVan into a Mobile Private Jet on Wheels for your team.

With Configuration of 12, 13,14, and 15 Passengers in the rear, you can be sure that we have a floor plan that fits your needs and your team. This Could be a luxury shuttle or a big family car that will create memories for years to come.

USB ports for every seating position, 110V AC, tables, Smart Samsung TVs, Illuminated Entry Step, Led Lighting, Captain Seats, 3 Point Seatbelts and  Luggage Space. 


As a BC upfitters, our sprinter van conversions are distinguished not only for their ultra-glamorous aesthetics but for every custom detail executed to perfection.

FAQ Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 

What is the National Safety Mark?

The national safety mark (NSM) is the property of the Government of Canada and its use is authorized by the Minister of Transport to manufacturers of new vehicles offered for sale in Canada. Transport Canada requires the manufacturers that are authorized to affix the mark, to have the capability to certify their vehicle production to comply with the regulations under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

NSM sample – the unique number assigned to a company is to appear in the center of the NSM maple leaf shaped logo.
Is the National Safety Mark mandatory for vehicle manufacturers in Canada?

Any company who is engaged in the business of manufacturing vehicles in Canada, who ships from one province to another, or deliver to any person for the purpose of being so shipped, any vehicle of a prescribed class manufactured in Canada must apply their National Safety Mark (NSM) number to the vehicle. Also, most provincial Highway Traffic Acts require that a company affix an NSM to all vehicles that they manufacture.

What are my obligations as a vehicle manufacturer in Canada?

As a vehicle manufacturer established in Canada, you are required to ensure that all your entire vehicle production meets all the applicable standards and maintain such records. You must also have the ability to issue recalls and respond to compliance audits. Your company must therefore be familiar with all aspects of the MVSA, Motor Vehicle Regulations (MVSR) and CMVSS.

Visit our Guidelines on Enforcement and Compliance Policy Web page for additional information on meeting your compliance obligations as a vehicle manufacturer in Canada.

How do I know what standards my vehicle production must conform to?

You must read Schedule III of the MVSR and look for an “X” in the column that refers to the class of vehicle that your company intends on manufacturing. Where an “X” is present, you must read the standard and verify if the standard does in fact apply to your vehicle production. You can then consult our CMVSS summary page to obtain information specific to the various standards that apply.



FAQ     Altered Vehicle

  • 9 (1) If a company alters a vehicle, other than an incomplete vehicle or a truck tractor not fitted with a fifth wheel coupling, that was in conformity with these Regulations in such a manner that its stated GVWR and GAWR are no longer accurate, or if the company alters the vehicle otherwise than by the addition, substitution or removal of readily attachable components such as mirrors or tire and rim assemblies or by minor finishing operations, the company shall

    • (a) ensure that the compliance label and information label, if applicable, remain on the vehicle;

    • (a.1) respect the gross axle weight ratings and gross vehicle weight rating of the vehicle recommended by the original manufacturer or, where the company increases the ratings, ensure that they are

      • (i) increased in accordance with the original manufacturer’s written recommendations, or

      • (ii) within the load-carrying capacity of the vehicle’s components when the altered vehicle is loaded for its intended use;

    • (b) ensure that the vehicle conforms to the standards referred to in subsection 5(2), in respect of the work carried out by the company to alter the vehicle; and

    • (c) subject to subsection (2), apply to the vehicle an additional label displaying

      • (i) the words “THIS VEHICLE WAS ALTERED BY / CE VÉHICLE A ÉTÉ MODIFIÉ PAR” or “ALTERED BY / MODIFIÉ PAR” followed by the name of the company that altered the vehicle,

      • (ii) the month and year during which the alteration of the vehicle was completed,

      • (iii) the drawing referred to in paragraph 6(1)(c),

      • (iv) in accordance with paragraph 6(1)(e), the new gross vehicle weight rating and gross axle weight ratings of the vehicle as altered, where they differ from those shown on the original compliance label,

      • (v) in accordance with paragraph 6(1)(f), the type of vehicle, where it differs from the type shown on the original compliance label, and

      • (vi) in the case of a multi-purpose passenger vehicle or bus manufactured from a cutaway chassis, a motor home or a recreational trailer, the information referred to in subsection 6(8).

  • (2) The drawing referred to in paragraph (1)(c) may be displayed on a label applied to the vehicle beside the compliance label.

  • (3) In the case of a motor home or a recreational trailer, the information referred to in subparagraph (1)(c)(vi) may be displayed on a separate label applied to the vehicle beside the compliance label or in a conspicuous or readily accessible location.



Warranty is 3 years or 60,000 kilometers on all new builds


A range of fabrics and vintage leathers in a wide variety of colors & textures

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