How to Work Remotely From A Converted Van

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Industry News, van conversions, Vanlife

So, you’ve decided to live the digital nomad life in your converted van? There has been a surge of interest in the digital nomad lifestyle since the start of the pandemic. True enough, millions of people are now taking advantage of their freedom to work from anywhere as most businesses have had to close their physical offices.

Of course, there are a variety of options to be a digital nomad other than staying on a beach in Bali. Some examples include working from an RV, as well as working from a converted van — just like many of us in this community these days.

Of course, working from a remote location like a converted van has its challenges — from finding a stable internet connection to making the most of your limited workspace. However, here are some tips on how you can make it work.

Reliable Wi-Fi for working in a Converted Van

Keeping a solid connection while working remotely on the road is one of the most difficult tasks. Most cellphones, however, may be modified into a Wi-Fi hotspot that other gadgets can connect to. You’ll need to verify your data plan to avoid any unwanted costs. For starters, I have an offer with Bell where I get unlimited data for $60 CAD per month.

The only downside to this option for remote work is that the speed is decreased after you reach a certain limit, which is typically 10GB. However, you can pay more money per month to increase that limit.

You may also use pocket Wi-Fi instead of draining your phone, and it comes with additional battery life. The problem is that it’s typically far more expensive than traditional phone plans, but it can be used anywhere in the world.

If you’re stuck in a converted van and driving across the country, you’ll almost certainly need to go with one of the first strategies, but there are several alternatives to choose from! Please submit photographs if you install a Starlink satellite on your conversion!

Sprinter Camper Van Conversions & converted van

Sprinter Camper Van Conversions

 Equip yourself with the proper laptop & power system.

Laptops are an important tool for digital nomads, particularly when you’re living in a converted van and don’t have access to a computer. Keep in mind that the laptop you choose will be determined by your profession and the activities you perform on it. If you do graphic design or run heavy software, for example, you’ll need a powerful laptop with lots of RAM.

For example, HP Envy laptops are equipped with something called a modern PCB (printed circuit board) that uses stack-up impedance calculators. This means that its circuit board is able to provide the necessary force to balance the voltage out, which in turn prevents the battery from draining too quickly.

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