Converting a van into a campervan: What you need to know

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Converting a van into a campervan

Converting a van into a campervan has always been popular, but recently they’ve grown even more so. With many of us seeking camper vans as a way to go on holiday without being bound by guest houses, hotels, or holiday cottages due to the coronavirus lockdown, there has been an increase in interest.

The disadvantage is that campers are rather pricey. Ready-built versions typically come with a hefty price tag, and if they’re not exactly how you want them, there’s not much you can do about the inside. However, what if you purchased a van and converted it with Absolute Styling to meet your specific needs? It might be simpler than you imagine. Here’s everything you need to know about turning a campervan into a mobile home.

Set a budget 

Although the upfront expenses may still cause astonishment, purchasing a van and converting it should be far less expensive than purchasing a pre-made campervan.

Set yourself a firm spending limit so you don’t overspend. Even the most inexpensive and basic conversions might cost you a lot of money. Vans with bigger wheels and additional features can easily exceed your budget, particularly when you employ experts. So be sure to calculate how much money you have available before doing anything else.

If you convert your vehicle to a high level, it may be a fantastic investment since it is unlikely to lose you a lot of money.

Sprinter Roof Rack campervan

Sprinter Roof Rack

Decide on what you need in your campervan

It’s also possible to customize your own campervan, which is a major benefit because you can have it the way you want. However, in order to do so, you must first figure out exactly what you desire and require from a motorhome.

You should be able to anticipate a bed (or beds), cooking facilities, and some sort of table and seating at the very least. But if you have any other demands, now is the time to make arrangements for them.

If you’ll be mostly camping, a shower and toilet may not be required; however, you’ll probably want an electrical connection just in case. We recommend a toilet and shower if you wish to pursue ‘off-grid’ living. Solar panels are another option.

Big or small?

It’s critical to calculate how much space you’ll need. Working out how many people you want to bring might be a crucial element in selecting the right van. Each person riding in the vehicle will require a certified seat belt and a proper seat. It is not illegal to have side-facing seats, but all seats should face forward for safety’s sake.

You should also consider other options for your van. If you want to be able to drive it when you’re not camping in it, a smaller “day van” – something like a Mercedes Sprinter, for example – might be better. These are much easier to park than bigger cars, and they can easily fit on a driveway. If you’re looking at a larger truck, remember that storing it when you aren’t using it will incur additional fees.