Sprinter Van Conversion Process – Here’s How It Works

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Sprinter Van Conversion Process

As you look into the idea of a sprinter van conversion, you might be wondering how or where you would even start. The sprinter van conversion process consists of about 4 steps that will include everything from establishing your wants and needs to having your custom sprinter van delivered directly to you. Absolute Styling makes the process completely seamless, making you not have to lift a finger the entire time. You simply communicate the things you’d like to see in a finished product and you will be updated along the way. Here’s the process in a bit more detail:

sprinter vans can be transformed into almost anything you can think of

1. Step 1 – Van Conversion Process

The first step in the van conversion process is for the customer to establish what they desire to have their van look and function like. Whether you want to have a minimum of 5 flatscreen tv’s in your van or you require running water, or both! Whatever the case may be, a list of requirements has to be made so the customer is able to communicate everything they want to have installed.

2. Design Process

Next comes the design process. In the van conversion process, step two will allow the designers to establish a layout for the van conversion and plan out a number of things that will be presented to the client. For example, coming up with a colour scheme based on the wants of the client is important. Running this by the client before work has began is also important. This will ensure the final product turns out perfectly the first time and that the client is completely satisfied by the finished product.

the first step of the sprinter van conversion process is the planning phase

3. Timeline

Next will come the timeline. Absolute Styling will develop a timeline for the remainder of the van conversion process. This will establish a day that the construction phase can begin and when the projected finishing time will come. Depending on the scope of the project, this could take around 8 or 9 weeks, with the possibility of a few additional weeks depending on the project and the ability to gather all required materials.

4. Shipping is the Last Step in the Van Conversion Process

The final step will be to ship the van to the customer. During this step in the van conversion process, Absolute Styling will gladly ship the van to wherever the client happens to be located. That includes both in Canada, the US and around the world. This simply allows customers from all over the place to be served by a top tier van conversion company.

sprinter vans with large tv

More Questions About the Van Conversion Process?

If you happen to have more questions regarding the custom van conversions, give Absolute Styling a call or visit their website today. With extensive experience in the industry and a long list of previous projects completed, their team is one that can help you achieve your wildest dreams in your conversion. Even if you don’t have a van, you can easily get access to one. It should be thought of as a blank slate, ready for whatever out-of-this-world ideas you can come up with.