Sprinter Van – Our Top 7 Favourite Features You Must Include

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Sprinter Van

Many of us have seen them, maybe you’ve even owned one in the past, or even do right now. Sprinter vans are great because they provide so many avenues of customization and allow for an owner to truly incorporate whatever it is that represents them as a person and their values. With all the customization options we’ve incorporated into a Sprinter Van in the past, we’re going to share with you a few of our most favourite.

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First on the list for things you must include in your Sprinter Van conversion is some sort of kitchenette. What we mean by a kitchenette would be basically a small kitchen! So we would recommend incorporating a mini fridge, a sink, microwave, and maybe even a spot for a coffee or tea making device. This can be extremely convenient no matter what your ultimate purpose is going to be for your vehicle.

The trick with the kitchenette is all in the design. We don’t want to hide it and act like it’s not there because, well, it is there! But on the same breathe, we don’t want the kitchenette to look messy or untidy in your Sprinter Van. So it’s all about designing the right space for it and building it so that it can look fresh and clean while still being functional.

Mounted TV

sprinter vans with large tv

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One common space many clients like to mount a tv is on the partition wall, which is basically the wall between the driver and the main area. This tv can have a number of different features depending on your usage ideas. If you want it for presenting slide shows and other presentations, you may want it to be easily connected to your laptop or another type of device. If you want it for watching movies, you may want to pair it with a state of the art sound system to get the ultimate movie-watching experience in your Sprinter van.

Central Control in Your Sprinter Van

Being able to control things like lights, music, electronics, and anything else through one single iPad or Tablet is very convenient. It allows you to almost do anything with the touch of a finger and without getting up at all. It’ll also have your guests impressed to see the things you can do with just the touch of a button.


Sprinter Van Conversions and the most wanted features

Sprinter Van Conversions

You also have to decide during the course of your Sprinter Van conversion what type of comfortability you desire. If you want to have custom recliners that heat up and cool down and bend and fold each and every way, you’ll have to allow space and design your area accordingly. Many others want space to have a bed, whether it’s a permanent sleeping area or a fold down. The comfortability choice ultimately depends upon the use of the Sprinter van conversion.

Additional Features For a Sprinter Van

As we previously mentioned, there are endless options to incorporate into your Sprinter Van conversion. Anything you can think of, Absolute Styling will find a way to make it work. Contact them today and begin planning out your dream van!