Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversion into the Camper Van of Your Dreams

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Does Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversion interest you? Then, you’re not alone. Van life continues to be a growing trend for people all over the world because it allows them to live and travel to any destination in a converted vehicle that has everything they need for a comfortable long drive.

While the van life isn’t exactly a new idea as people have been living nomadically for centuries, it appeals to many because the lifestyle it offers is free from societal conventions and geographical restraints. Living in a van allows people to lead a simpler lifestyle, gives them the freedom to travel unrestrained, sleep beneath a blanket of stars, and wake up to the calming sound of the ocean.

With this growing trend, it’s no wonder why Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversions have become an increasingly popular choice for those who want to experience the #vanlife with added luxuries. However, if camper van conversions have any drawbacks it would be that its time consuming and overwhelming to do on your own.

Fortunately, Absolute Styling purposefully designs uniquely tailored vans based on the client’s needs and specifications. Through years of expertise in sprinter 4×4 conversion and sprinter van camper conversion, coupled with state-of-the-art technology and tools, we can craft your dream Mercedes Sprinter camper van – whether to live in full time or as an adventure mobile to take you off the grid on the weekends.

Here’s how Absolute Styling does it:

Understand Your Requirements

As soon as you know you want a Mercedes conversion van we will set up several calls or meetings to understand your desired layout, including feature requirements, components, dimensions, and so on. Our skilled team will actively work with you to design a Mercedes conversion van that will meet your needs and requirements. We can then translate our design ideas into 3D drawings for you to better visualize your dream van.

Cost range for the conversion

As part of the design process, Absolute Styling will provide a cost to build. We can work and adjust the cost depending on your budget but custom builds usually range from 50,000 to 150,000 CAD.

Proceed with the conversion

Once we’ve finalized your van design and cost for the build, we proceed with the conversion. Give us 8-10 weeks to work on your Mercedes Sprinter van conversion. Our team will go above and beyond in customizing your van to ensure we exceed your expectations.

And you’re all set to travel the world in style and with much ease.

Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversion

Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversion